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Software developer and architect for demanding businesses

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Get your projects completed on time and look great to your boss without the risks

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I'm a full service software developer and architect with experience at businesses of all sizes

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I devlier software projects with tight timelines.

My proven process will help you get your project completed and allow you to rest easy without the risks.

1. Email to setup consultation
2. Understand your project and its critical requirements
3. Break down the requirements into an easily understood roadmap
4. Iterate on the work until complete
5. Daily communication with stakeholders

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Leitz 💡 the developer

The free eBook that was over 20 years in the making!

The mistakes that took me decades to learn, you can learn in minutes.

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lickety script logo

Lickety Script is a free web based tool to help you create Bash scripts quickly.

Specify inputs with their validations, help text, switches, and more.

Get up your Bash script up and running in seconds!

Leitz's Bash Swipe file contains all the tips and tricks I've used over the past 20 years creating Bash scripts.

These are simple to use templates and examples that get you up and running quickly.

Tame the wild west that is Bash scripting into useable functions and easy to understand processing.

bash swipe logo
poptl.com example photo

PopTimeline is the frictionless timeline creator for your most important milestones.

It's free!

PopTL integrates with Twitter and allows you to create timelines and timeline entries by simply sending a tweet!

Do Hungry Dogs Still Run Faster allows you to make sure that underdogs still run faster than favorites.

Use it as a confidence boost the next time you're feeling down and out!

hungry dog is still running
The king's checklist logo

Kings Checklist shows you everything that's required to call yourself a King on the internet.

Many people call themselves Kings but few meet the requirements!


Leitz 💡 the developer


Leitz 💡 the developer