TWO decades in software

Thoughts and experiences from 25 years in the software business.

Do you have a Boomer Manager?

Test your boss and see if he is a Boomer Manager. Great for determining if you should quit your job.

Everything is going to be amazing

The 20th century's centralization of all institutions is breaking and the age of decentralization is here. It's amazing.

Tmux the Terminal Emulator

Use the boutique software application Tmux to maximize your terminal usage. It's free and can change your terminal productivity for ever! Demo included.

The Price of Productivity

Stop being afraid of paying for software and technical education. Get in the game and dramatically improve your skills and output by smartly spending money.

Kubernetes Basics

Learn the basics of Kubernetes. The platform that's transformed the modern software landscape forever!

Database Performance - Datatypes

Supercharge your relational database performance by understanding how to pick perfect datatypes. Impress your colleagues with these relational database secrets!

Custom Spring Annotations

Elevate your custom Java annotations to functional masterpieces. This example shows you the way!

Decompile Java class files from the command line

There are times developers need to view Java source code when they don't have the .java source file. Perhaps they only have the .class file or a .jar file full of .class files.