Everything is going to be amazing

Everything is going to be amazing.


The main theme of the 20th century was centralization.

Water/sewer, electricity, the industrial revolution/factories, news, entertainment, food, etc. You name the topic, our civilization tried to centralize it.

It took most of the whole century but we accomplished it.

A lot of positive outcomes for centralization. Our civilization absolutely crushed it in the 20th century.

Amazing advancement. I mean that literally.

We have iPhones.

100 years before the iPhone the toilet was a new invention.

Toilet to iPhone in 100 years. Amazing.

Centralizing meant control became centralized.

Try getting your point of view respected in the 80s when millions of people trust Dan Rather's view.

If you had a competing perspective good luck getting anyone to take you seriously.

No disrespect to Dan Rather.

Control wasn't just in media either.

Take food.

How easy was it to get food from your grocery store in March 2020?


The ones around me were totally cleared out.

Troubling times ahead?

Analyzing 2020/2021 are troubling times ahead?


Time for transition

We’re currently transitioning from a centralized civilization to a decentralized one.

Think of civilization like a butterfly.

The 19th century was the egg stage. Stationary.

The centralized 20th century is the caterpillar stage. Moving slowly but better than an egg.

Now transition. Pupa stage. Claustrophobic and panicked.

Soon butterfly.

egg->caterpillar->flying butterfly in 200 years.


The theme of the 21st century will be decentralization.


There's a renaissance in homesteading. Growing your own food at home.

It's easier than ever. Online resources & communities share and support one another. All farming knowledge cataloged on the internet.

Driving to work.

With high speed internet and zoom meetings, it's easier, cheaper, and more efficient to work from your house.

If you asked your boss to work from home 20 years ago, he would have laughed in your face.

Getting your point of view heard?

Simple. The internet. Social media. I can share this idea with you right now, easily.

That's now, what about the future?

Why is it going to be amazing?

It's hard to predict the future. Especially when technology moves so fast.

But we're absolutely entering a golden age of humanity (I'm not the first to notice). It's actually better than that but I have low verbal skills.

Don't believe me?

One example

Tesla. The car company.

Analyzing what they're doing largely falls into two camps.

Camp 1

They make electric cars. It even has an auto-pilot mode. The car will drive itself down the road.

Camp 2

Tesla is secretly an energy company. Their goal is to carve out a sort of energy monopoly.

Electric car and chargers, big deal.

I think these two are wrong and Tesla is aiming much, much higher.

When they hit it, you'll know for sure we're in a golden age.

The goals of Elon Musk and Tesla are something much, much bigger than cars and energy.

Tesla is building a Time Machine. I mean that literally.

You can see it happening.

Tell me if this future sounds unrealistic to you.

The Future

Time for an adventure.

You want to spend the day someplace you haven't been but it's an 8 hour drive away. A beautiful beach.

You pull up your Tesla app and schedule a car pickup at your home -- midnight sharp.

Exhausted from work. Ready for bed. Midnight comes.

Car pulls up. There's no driver. Completely automated.

You throw your stuff in the trunk.

Climb into the back seat. It's a bed.

Car takes off. You fall a sleep.

8am. At your destination. Awake and refreshed.

Your life literally fast forwarded 8 hours.

Like the movie Click with Adam Sandler.

This is a Time Machine and we're close to having it.

This is just one thing from one guy too. There are thousands of guys just as talented as Elon and they’re going all out on their vision every day.

Things are going to be amazing and they'll be amazing in your lifetime.