Leitz's Great Leadership Series The Leadership Hall of Fame

Learn how to enter the Leadership Hall of Fame.

Have direct reports? Want to be a strong leader?

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Enter the leadership hall of fame.

Disease Category

Talent atrophy and attrition.


  1. Highly talented team members quit for better opportunities.
  2. Your peers aren't very talented.
  3. Your boss isn't very talented.
  4. Organization has stagnated. No innovation. Future seems bleak.


Personal insecurity and selfishness. Small thinking.


Mentor and promote team members who are talented. Promote them even if they're more talented than you and they might someday become your boss.


At the first level of analysis, promoting someone who's really talented is a story of self-preservation.

They're going to be your competition for future advancement opportunities. So the solution is easy. Don't promote them and keep them subordinate. Then it's impossible for them to compete against you for a future promotion.

The second level of analysis tells a different story. A story of self-sabotage.

By not mentoring and encouraging your talented team members, you're making the company a worse place. You're depriving everyone of another talented manager. Maybe someone who will rise to the highest levels and make the company more profitable than anyone imagined.

You're also making your own life worse. How much better would your day to day be if you had a peer who's just as talented as you are? Someone you know will be able to handle the hardest challenges. A top level talent you can lean on. This person would be better than those doofus peers you have now.

You're literally making everything harder on yourself and adding misery to your life: self-sabotage.

Make your life easier. Make your company better. Mentor and promote your talented team members.

But that's not even the best reason.

The third level of analysis tells an even better story. A story of legacy.

Your whole team is an opportunity. Shape them to your sensibilities. Instill them with your incredible management and leadership style. Teach them everything you know. Don't hold back. Make clones of yourself.

Send them out into the world and make it a better place.

Be the person who gave the next generation of corporate leaders their start. Be the person who told them they could do it. Inspire them to greatness.


If you want to be in the leadership hall of fame, you need to gird up and realize some people are more talented than others. Including the people who may report to you.

Don't hold back. Teach them everything. Push them hard. Inspire them to take on the world with everything you've taught them. Make great companies. Make great places to work that are successful.

And the promotion that you keeps passing you by?

With all these successful companies out there growing like crazy, lead by people you've taught, encouraged and mentored, I suspect you'll have no shortage of high status, hall of fame references.

You'll be promoted to higher levels than you've ever dreamed of.